Agloco Community

I want to start a new community which is called ‘Agloco Community’ for our business community.  I hope to share my ideas about business and website promotions here.  If you want to promote your products through website then you can choose this one which will be getting huge traffic to your website.

Why should we make community?

Online Business Community is not easy task but we will be working together then it will give positive results for us.  I hope you all help me to give your hands to make it easy for me.  I understand about online business community help you to give permission to post your content by paid small amount then you can post your websites, blogs and forums to get real traffic for you.

Agloco was one of the leading affiliate programs in 2007 which was expected to get more popular but they could reach more people.  At the same time, they were failed to give proper business ideas in Agloco.  They were introduced a viewbar which was a popular keyword at that time but it was produced in the wrong way.

Now, I just use the same website keyword which might be a popular one now.  I want to get more hands to share your ideas and business here.  Thanks

Why agloco?

Agloco was started in 2007 then it was stopped by them on because of inefficiency and they didn’t have clear ideas about their viewbar.  Most of the people have joined and work with agloco.  I had worked hard in that time and more than 6000 members joined under my referral links through my agloco affiliate link.

I have selected as a team leader to make real income for my members and after an year they have closed this business system.  I really liked agloco and it’s system but I was upset about their action when they have stopped it.  I really enjoyed about their viewbar and it was working well.

I hope to see that their action and I need to discuss about agloco and its history through this website.